Adult bunk beds

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Who Uses Tanning Beds?

When tanning beds first hit the markets, the sole purpose of this technology, to provide indoor tanning, is simply cosmetic in nature. Obtaining a gorgeous dark olive skin seemed trivial and the tanning bed is less grand compared to other technological inventions. Thus, the primary users of tanning beds are young women who only wanted a tan to show off to their friends.

Further studies, however, showed that tanning beds are not only useful for darkening the skin. The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the tanning bed lamps has been found to enforce vitamin D production in the human skin in the same way that the direct exposure to sun’s rays can. Vitamin D is a major substance needed to strengthen the bones and to prevent diseases. Thus, it can be said that the responsible use of tanning beds can contribute to the overall health of a person.

With these studies, the profile of tanning bed users begins to change dramatically. Instead of being purely composed of young women, the profile of tanning bed users now has men and older adults. And this was shown in the study conducted by a group of researchers led by Dr. Michael Strepp. The results of this 2004 study were compared to the results of the last 1996 survey.

Full size bunk beds are great options for large families with younger and older children. They are built with either multi-built-in loft or bed. Considering the features of full size bunk beds, they are great in creating large space enough to sleep for children comfortably.

In the 1996 survey, almost all users of tanning beds are college-age women. But in the most recent market research, about 30% of tanning bed users are now composed of men. A similar survey of Canadian tanning salons showed a comparable data. That is, 25% of all patrons of 160 Canadian tanning salons are male. The percentages are expected to increase since the tanning salons now are built separate from hair and beauty salons. Men will be more comfortable entering tanning salons.

An interesting data came out of the survey regarding male users. One tanning salon reported that though 27% of its clientele are male, 40% of its profits come from the male customers. This is because men use the tanning beds more often than women.

The recent market study also showed that older people are now using tanning beds. That is 70% of all surveyed tanning bed users are aged older than 25. And in New York, men over the age of 40 are beginning to use tanning beds. There are even senior citizens who now enter tanning salons.

As the health benefits of using tanning beds become more popular, more men and more older adults are going to utilize this indoor tanning technology. These new wave of users are responsible and health-conscious people intent on using a proven technology.[img]

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Optimizing Space with Bunk Beds

Typically, bunk beds are too often associated with children's bedrooms and college dorm rooms. With the majority of bunk beds being manufactured in the past aimed towards children, most grown ups avoided bunk beds due to silly child-like themes and lack of full size bunk beds.

Quite often, many full size adults may have no other option in furnishing their small apartment or bedroom with a loftbed. With many bunk bed manufacturers designing more adult-friendly designs, it is much easier to find the perfect piece of furniture. Bunk beds and Loft beds now come with a fully elaborated system of furniture such as a loftbed with a desk under, bunk beds with dressers attached. You can even go as far as having bunk beds with a full shelf system along with dressers and a full size desk. The choices are endless. For those who are aiming to keep a certain theme to your furniture, this is a great way of doing so. Another great option that is available is a futon bunk bed. The bottom mattress can be folded into half to make a couch when not in use as a bed. If you have a roommate, this is a very great option. With literally hundreds of thousands of models to choose from, the option of choosing a bunk bed may come easier than expected.

Adult bunk beds are the best answers to room size problems because they all created to provide your room more usable space with a bed that will last for a long time.

While design is one factor that adults may typically opt for, size is another factor that cannot be ignored. For a full size adult to have a good night sleep, at least a full size mattress is required. Luckily, most bunk beds and loft beds now come in full size! Different options of twin over full and full over full are now available. Unfortunately, many adults prefer to sleep on queen or king mattresses. There aren't many queen or king size bunk beds, if any, but building your own may always be an option.

Now with all the choices you have, why not get a bunk bed? The prices vary but typically can be much cheaper than buying two different beds. Make full use of your space and furniture. The practicality of bunk beds, loft beds, futon beds and the likes are a great way to keep all your furniture pieces practical while still looking beautiful. The design is on par with traditional beds, and you can most definitely save lots of space!


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